After Service/Activity

4 Mark Morgan, So, CTW -
11 Julie Shapard, Sp. CTW -
18 Pierre Brou, Sp. CTW Development Class
25 Forum lead by Rev. Sandra Deckinger  





After Service/Activity

2 Kyle Houston, Sp. CTW -
9 Rev. Sandra Deckinger, Sp.CTW -
16 David Floyd, Sp.CTW -
23 Annual Candlelight Servive Development Class
30 All Message Service -


Important: If you find you are unable to serve as chairperson or lecturer on the assigned date . Please notify Betty at (925) 930-6663 as soon as possible.
We need your help! If you are able, please come early, before the start of services, to help set-up of chairs and tables. Help change the vibration of the Deaf Center into The Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds. A great way to put energy into our church and get to know the other members. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

Special Notices and Future Events

Beginning Mediumship and Healing Classes taught by the Rev. Sandra Deckinger are scheduled after services on the third Sunday of each month. A wonderful opportunity to learn about Spiritualism. Next session will be announced.

After service, 10 to 15 minute readings will be offered if a Medium is available.

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Many thanks to the Members of our Church and to our Pastoral Staff
who make it all possible!

Reverend Betty Nauratil NST, Reverend Sandra Deckinger NST
Luis Aroche
Joseph Kaminski, Phyllis Macdonald, Sam Macleod White, Rev. Betty Nauratil
Reverend Betty Nauratil NST, Reverend Sandra Deckinger NST
Avery Babon, Pat Barnes, Pierre Brou,Leslie Crews, Clarence Henry, Monica and Tony Hernandez, Jerry Keene, Pat King, Phyllis Macdonald, Mark Morgan, Kathy Morris, Sherill Nichols, Julie Shepard, Tracy Thatcher, Judy Verhoek,Avery Babon, Pierre Brou, Clarence Henry, Melonee Mohamed
Pat Barnes, Avery Babon, Pierre Brou, Yvonne Dardenne, Sandra Deckinger Alan Garelick, Clarence Henry, Monica and Tony Hernandez, Jerry Keene, Pat King, Sherill Nichols, Mark Morgan, Kathy Morris, Marie Scheibly, Julie Shepard,Tracy Thacher, Judy Verhoek, Carol Whyte
James Forsberg, Yvonne Dardenne, Judy Verhoek, Rudy Tanner, Carla Heins

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