"As the sunflower turns its face to the light of the sun so Spiritualism turns the face of humanity to the light of truth..."

The Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds welcomes the energy and vision newcomers bring to our church.

The Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds is a safe place to explore your personal spirituality and to celebrate the gifts of Spirit with others.

Spiritualism is an inclusive accepting religion. Our membership reflects the diversity of the East Bay community we serve---The Church of Two Worlds is a community composed of old, young, single, living in many different types of families, affluent, economically challenged, and variously abled...you'll find Spiritualists are a lot like you.

Please join us soon for a Sunday Service, we offer a wide variety of interesting speakers and spiritual topics.

Spiritualism is a religion without dogma, as Spiritualist we are free to explore and embrace a broad spectrum of philosophical thought. We respect all spiritual paths and disciplines. We actively encourages the study of science and philosophy as a tenet of the Spiritualist religion. 

During the spirit message portion of the service, you may receive a message from a loved one on the other side.

We are wheel chair accessible and have a large parking lot.

Convenient to public transportation

Kitchen available for food preparation

A Brief History of The Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds

February 2, 1973

The Church of Two Worlds was founded by Rev. Eli Goodreau and Rev. Connie Smith in San Leandro, California. Services were held in private homes.

1986: Rev. Eli Goodreau passed to into Spirit, and Rev. Connie Smith made the decision to retire.

Betty and Don Nauratil became the co-pastors of our church.

Services were conducted at the San Leandro Odd Fellows Hall.

1996 to present

The Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds moved our Sunday service to our current location:The Deaf Community Center on San Leandro Blvd..

Betty Nauratil still steadfastly serves as our pastor.

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